Ideas for Children

Congratulations on all the hard work you have done for Fairtrade.Fairtrade Foundation logo

Give yourself a pat on the back. Here are some ideas that others have done in their school. Its a long list so take a deep breath.
You may like to try some of these out in your school.

  • Get a group of you to meet once a term or every month to discuss Fairtrade activities for each term. Maybe ask a member of the school council to be present.

  • Chat to the school cooks. Does the catering company use any Fairtrade Products?

  • Ask the Head teacher and other staff if they use Fairtrade refreshments when they have meetings, visitors or parents evenings. Make a poster for the office so that everyone knows the refreshments are Fairtrade.

  • Chat to the PTA so that in all events like Quiz nights, race nights or coffee mornings coffeeFairtrade refreshments are used. Fairtrade wine is available!

  • Let the Governors know about Fairtrade.

  • If you are linked with a local church see if they run a Fairtrade stall after services. Make a poster for the church or invite them in to an assembly.

  • Survey local shops, supermarkets or cafes to see what Fairtrade products are available.

  • Work with teachers on an assembly to let all the school know the good things about Fairtrade. Check out for assemblies.

  • Work with teachers on a Fairtrade Day. Each class working on a different product e.g. bananas, chocolate, cotton, coffee, trade justice, tea.

  • See how Fairtrade fits into your topics. E.g. India fits well with cotton, rice, tea. St Lucia links well with bananas. Africa fits well with chocolate or coffee.

  • Check out the dubble Fairtrade chocolate site and become a double agent.

  • Write to your school fruit scheme asking for Fairtrade fruit.comicrelief

  • Write to Cadburys asking why they havent a Fairtrade bar of chocolate.

  • Have Fairtrade products in your tuckshop.
Cartons of juice, raisins and healthy snacks are available as well as cereal bars.

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