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A wealth of resources is available for teaching Fairtrade and global issues. Many resources are available free on websites. Check out our useful website page.
The Oxfam catalogue is a mail order catalogue of teaching materials and lists many of the resources produced by various organisations. It is available as a hard copy or on line.
The examples below are some of the resources that we have found most useful. They are listed under loose topic headings. Most resources can be linked across the curriculum especially Geography, PHSE, R.E, Citizenship.

Overview of Fairtrade in Schools

  • Fairtrade School Handbook (Oxfam catalogue)
A very good booklet which gives a good overview of how Fairtrade fits into the school, plus curriculum links.
Costs 4.00
  • The Co-op
Teaching and resource pack for primary schools (KS2). The pack includes lots of classroom activities specially designed to introduce Fairtrade to KS2 students. For more information see
Arange of issues for primary and secondary schools.
  • Fairtrade in Action (Oxfam Catalogue)
Video, board game, case studies, activity booklet. Links citizenship, geography
Age 9-14. KS 2 and 3. Costs 15
  • Global links
ActionAid's interactive global citizenship site for schools - you can explore life around the world, ask questions, share ideas, and take action on issues that matter.

Chocolate (link to topic on Africa)

drying cocoa beans
  • The Chocolate Trade Game (Oxfam catalogue)
Good for facts about chocolate, how much the farmer gets. A fun simulation game involving cutting out beans to trade for chocolate bars.
KS 2 and 3. Costs 4

  • Choc-a-lot (Oxfam catalogue)
Activity booklet based on chocolate. Quizzes, maps, the price is right, chocolate industry and cocoa trade.
Age 11-16+. Costs 5.75.
  • The Chocolate Game (Oxfam catalogue)
Great activity booklet about the cocoa trade, facts and how much the farmer gets.
KS 3 and 4. Costs 4.75.
  • PaPaPa guide
Great A4 photos about chocolate production plus DVD. Produced with comic relief. Check out to order plus become a Dubble Agent - all about Fairtrade chocolate.
KS 2+. Costs 10
  • Pa Pa Paa LIVE! online video broadcasting for schools - regular, live webcasts from a rural school in Ghana, attended by children of Kuapa Kokoo Fairtrade cocoa co-operative farmers. The aim of Pa Pa Paa LIVE! is to increase young peoples understanding of Fairtrade and the actions they can take as consumers and global citizens to make the world a better place.

Pa Pa Paa LIVE! is supported by comprehensive online teaching resources on Fairtrade and chocolate at and a DVD and photo pack. It is most suitable for Key Stages 2 and 3
  • Charlie and Lola - "But I do know all about chocolate" Comic Relief. Age 3+
drying coffee beans

Coffee (links with South/Central America or Africa)

  • Coffee Chain Game (Oxfam catalogue)
A very useful role-playing game helping young people to understand how coffee is grown and produced. Develops critical thinking and discussion skills.
KS 2/3/4 (Oxfam) Costs 4.50


  • Sowing and Harvesting (Oxfam catalogue)
Simulation game that is based around the challenges faced by farmers in poor countries.
Age 9+ Costs 3.25
  • Food and Farming - local Global
Great booklet looking at links with farmers local and global
Available from Tide Centre, G04 Millenium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7XG

Bananas (links to St Lucia / Caribbean)

  • Go Bananas (Oxfam catalogue)
Great 18 A4 colour photos showing a bananas journey from Caribbean to UK. Worksheets, puzzles, maps.
KS 1 and 2. (Oxfam) Costs 14.00
  • The Banana Pack (Oxfam catalogue)
Multimedia pack. Banana facts, video, posters, teaching notes, role-play game. (Banana Link)
Age 8-18. Costs 18.10
  • Bananas and Cocoa Bean (Oxfam catalogue)
Booklet to help students to understand the links we have with farmers who produce our food and drink.
Age 7-14. Costs 5
  • Growing Bananas (Oxfam catalogue)
Simulation game focused on Caribbean banana growers
KS 2-3. Costs 5

India or Pakistan (links in with cotton, tea, poverty, footballs)

  • Clothes line (Oxfam catalogue)
Good A4 size pictures of cotton production line and activity pack. Cross-curricular lesson ideas explore links between cotton growers and UK shoppers.
Age 7 - 11. KS 2. (Oxfam) Costs 13.95
  • Footballs from Pakistan
Check out website
  • India: Childrens Needs and Childrens Rights (Oxfam catalogue)
Board game, colour photos, overview of lifestyles / rights, links to rice.
Age 4-10 Costs 11.60
  • Paper Bag Game (Oxfam catalogue)
Great paper bag making game to teach pupils about poverty and unfairness. (Bags can be used to hold Fairtrade dried fruit.)
Age 9+. (Christian Aid) Costs 4.50
  • Chembakolli - Life and Change in an Indian Village (Oxfam catalogue)
Video, Tea Party, Booklet, Photopack, TV Rom
Action Aid. ranges between Age 4-11. Costs approx 20

Trade Justice

Trade justice/multinational companies/consumer power and choices.
  • Trade Rules
Focus on relationship between rich and poor countries. Develops critical thinking. Highlights working conditions / advertising.
KS 3 and 4. Links with Citizenship / R.E / Geography.
  • Trade Rules are nuts!
A beginners guide to trade. Simulation game to show how trade rules benefit some countries but not others. Funny but informative.
Christian Aid.
  • KS3 Trading Game (Oxfam catalogue)
  • Xchanging the world (Oxfam catalogue)
Introduces global trade issues through fun activities highlighting how current trade rules benefit rich countries. Real life case studies including production of Nike trainers.
Age 16+ Cost 11.95
  • Seeing through the Spin (Oxfam catalogue)
Great pack. Contains 14 lesson plans, case studies, looks at advertising messages. Develops critical thinking.
KS 4 and 16+, FE. Costs 16.50.
  • Looking Behind the Logo (Oxfam catalogue)
Global supply chain in the sportswear industry. Looks at worker exploitation
Age 13+ Oxfam Costs 4.95
  • The Computer Game (Oxfam catalogue)
Explore the working conditions in a Mexican Computer Factory. Cafod.
Age 11+. Costs 4.50
  • Labour Behind the Label posters (Oxfam catalogue)
4 different colourful, funky highlights different aspects of garment and sports shoe industry. Oxfam Catalogue
Age 11-16 Costs 3.50
  • Peters World Map (Oxfam catalogue)
A map which represents countries accurately according to their surface area.
Costs 4.95 laminated 9.95

Visual Aids from Fairtrade Foundation
  • Fairtrade 5ft inflatable banana 10 - big and fun visual aid for classroom activities and assemblies.
  • Fairtrade logo mug 5 - good for tea/coffee promotions
  • Fairtrade logo t-shirt 14
  • Also available free - leaflets, poster set, stickers, balloons, badges, bunting, postcards
  • Fairtrade football/sports balls 9.80
  • Educational inflatable globe
Cheshire Education Development Centre.
  • Gifts Unwrapped - how to buy a goat, toilet, tree by donating to Oxfam. Develops concept of giving.

Books for teachers who want a greater depth of knowledge

  • The No-nonsense Guide to Fairtrade (Oxfam catalogue)
A pocket sized guide to topics that have big effects around the world. Costs 7
  • A Rough Guide to a Better world and how you can make a difference
Free from Wirral LA21 Network.
For more resources check out the Useful Website page.

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